Pneumercator Liquid Level Control & Tank Monitoring Systems Sales & Service

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Carbon Fuel Services, LLC is an Authorized Distributor & Service Provider of Pneumercator Liquid Level Control Systems & Products. Pneumercator is the preferred Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) in industrial/data center/telecom/commercial high-performance low-cost environmental solution for your fuel tank monitoring and leak detection needs for several decades & counting.

Carbon Fuel Services, LLC has Factory Certified Trained Technicians to service any Pneumercator System or Products nationwide. We provide 24/7 service, sales, training, startup, annual testing, turnkey installations, system calibration inspections, & service providing certified reports of fuel tank monitoring equipment & products. Let Pneumercator maintain your fuel tank inventory and leak alarm system with a real time internal report printer while CFS maintains proper functionality of the Pneumercator System as a whole.

Pneumercator Liquid Level Control Systems supports all standard communication interfacing including Relay Input / Output Logic, Analog Output Signals, RS232 Serial Data, Internal and External Modems, Ethernet, Modbus, LAN/WAN, Windows 2000-2010, TSM Com plus many more.

The majority of fuel tank monitoring system problems occur, because of lack of factory trained and experienced certified technicians or equipment knowledge. This will result in an improper installation of customer fuel tank monitoring equipment and cost you unnecessary money in untimely repairs & or replacements.

Whether you are currently monitoring one (1) underground (UST) or above ground (AST) fuel tanks or multiple tanks, CFS can provide the ATG services you need to maintain a dependable fuel tank monitoring and leak detection system without compromise.

- Current Pneumercator Liquid Level Control & Tank Management Systems Offered:



TMS4000 (Color Touch Screen)
TMS2000W (Wireless)

TMS4000W (Wireless/Color Touch Screen)
TMS1000D (DEF)

TMS1000N (Non-Haz.)

TMS2000A1 (4-20 mA)

TMS2000A2 (2-412/2-501)


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