Turnkey Fuel Quality Services

Fuel Polishing & Tank Waste Removal Systems

  • Removes Heavy Sludge & Contaminates from ANY and ALL Types of Fuel Storage Tanks down to 1 Micron Absolute (95-98% Fuel Filter Efficiency Rating)

  • Separates & Removes Tiny Water Droplets from Fuel and Other Hydrocarbon Fluids as recommended by ALL engine manufacturers along with NFPA, ACHA, Joint Commission, & Other Regulatory Bodies

  • Variable Speed Pump Rated Flow Rates up to 6,000 Gallons per Hour (GPH) to minimize time on-site. This in return saves the Customer Money & boosts their ROI

  • Purification of the Fuel is Performed with No Loss of Useable Product from the Fuel Tank

  • Separates the Water from the Fuel as it is being Filtered Simultaneously Without Equipment or Operational Functionality Interruptions

Customized Fuel Additive & Tank Service Programs


  • Annual, Semi-Annual, & Quarterly Customized Fuel Service & Tank Maintenance Programs

  • Provide On-Site Breakdown & Certified Third Party In-Depth Laboratory Fuel Testing Analysis Performed by our Fuel Service Engineers to ASTM Standards

  • Offer a Full Line of Diverse Diesel Fuel Additives, Microbial Growth/Water Inhibitors, Catalyst, Tank Cleaning, Winterizing/Gel Prevention, Asphaltene, & Cetane Booster Additives 

  • CFS offer's a Marine Service Plan that includes Marina and Boat tanks as well. Gasoline or Diesel Fuel Systems.

Fuel Applications


- CFS provides professional Fuel Polishing, Filtration, & Remediation Services for all Gasoline, Aviation, Kerosene & Diesel Fuel Applications & Industries:​

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Power Generation 

  • Mission Critical Facilities 

  • Municipalities

  • Day Tanks

  • C-Stores

  • Below & Above Ground Mass Fuel Storage Tanks (UST / AST)

  • Marinas, Boats, & Yachts

  • Regional Airports

  • Plus Many More...

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